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Whether you're looking for individual or group support Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy can work for you. I offer clinical hypnotherapy services in Eugene, Oregon. Feel free to contact me today for a life changing experience of freedom, inner healing and transformation. I'm looking forward to connecting with you!

How might your life be different if you were free from anxiety, trauma and PTSD?

Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy® can help you to control intrusive memories, overwhelming feelings and even bad dreams.

TRIM-LIFE Weight Release Program

Are you desiring a healthier relationship with food, eating and physical activity? TRIM-LIFE classes use Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy® to help you form new eating habits. TRIM-LIFE embraces a therapeutic approach to "emotional eating" releasing guilt, shame, fear and resentments that have led to repeated failures in the past. Call today for your free 30-minute TRIM-LIFE consultation.

My mission

Specializing in Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy® for people journeying through anxiety, trauma and PTSD, my mission is to help clients on an individual and small-group basis to break through their internal barriers and limiting beliefs through the holistic application of Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy®.

About Kevin Elbert

About Kevin Elbert

Kevin Elbert, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist and Founder of Hypnosis By Kevin Elbert, meets you where you’re at anywhere on your life journey and helps you find inner peace and freedom from anxiety, trauma and PTSD.

Providing safe support for deep inner healing.
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If you are willing to stretch beyond your comfort zone to do the deeper work of inner healing, if you’re willing to elevate yourself above the turmoil of life’s circumstances, then know there is a solution for you in Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy to help you move through those painful life experiences and bridge the gap so you can reach a new state of being safely above it all. Hypnosis By Kevin Elbert is about walking through the fire and meeting yourself on the other side.

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