About Kevin

Kevin specializes in Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy for: Addictions, Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Depression, Trauma, PTSD, and Weight Release

My Story
Kevin Elbert HypnosisPrior to practicing hypnotherapy I lived in old limiting beliefs, addictions, anxiety, memories of trauma, experienced morbid obesity and general dis-ease. Upon my first series of six hypnotherapy sessions in 1997, I started my journey of significant weight release, smoking cessation, releasing fears, etc. and my life started getting better in every way possible. From those first hypnotherapy sessions until now I have overcome anxiety, chronic pain and fatigue, trauma, PTSD, released a total of 90 pounds and remained nicotine-free for 19 years.

Training and Experience
Seeing the powerful transformation in my own life, I became a Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner in 1997 through the Threshold University of Body Mind Science, formerly in Seattle. I continued my hypnotherapy education at The Wellness Institute in Issaquah, WA from 2014-2016 and am now Certified as an Advanced Clinical Heart-Centered Hypnotherapist and TRIM-LIFE Weight Release Program® Leader through the Wellness Institute. I am a highly sensitive person who is interested in helping people of all genders, orientations, and abilities find freedom from anxiety, trauma and PTSD through Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy. I am certified as a One Command Executive Success Coach as well as a Registered Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher. I earned a Master of Education in Student Affairs Administration from Western Washington University and a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Nonfiction Writing from The Evergreen State College. I am a Clinical Member of both the Heart-Centered Therapies Association and American Alliance of Hypnotists. I have been in private practice as a Heart-Centered Hypnotherapist in Seattle for the last two years and recently relocated back to Eugene where the quality of life here speaks to my heart and soul. I look forward to helping people journey through anxiety, trauma and PTSD, among other concerns as they discover inner peace and freedom in every aspect of their lives. Each Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy session is completely personalized for you and your needs, using as much of your own language as possible for your post-hypnotic suggestions, and caring for your comfort and well-being throughout each session you experience with me as your guide.

Kevin is also available for Skype or Zoom calls for hypnosis.